Centuary: Xbounce

Centuary: Xbounce

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Slumber in comfort on this high quality Bonnell Spring Mattress.

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Standard Size (±1cm.)
91.5 x 183 x 15
122 x 183 x 15
91.5 x 190.5 x 15
152 x 190.5 x 15
183 x 190.5 x 15
152 x 198 x 15
183 x 198 x 15

Product Specifications

Cover Materials

Top panel

  • 260 gsm. knitted fabric

  • 28mm.-thick 20D polyurethane foam

  • 5mm.-thick polyurethane foam

  • 17g non-woven fabric

Side panel

  • 135 gsm. knitted fabric

  • 6mm.-thick 16D polyurethane foam

  • 17g non-woven fabric

Bottom panel

  • 135 gsm. knitted fabric

  • 6mm-thick 16D polyurethane foam1

  • 7g non-woven fabric

Inner Layer

  • Bonnell Spring System

Spring Coil Specifications

  • Coil's height: 135mm. from knot to knot

  • Coil's diameter (top and bottom): 85mm.

  • Coil's diameter (middle): 50mm.

  • Coil wire's diameter: 2.2mm.

  • Helical wire's diameter: 1.3mm.


The Bonnell Spring System is the oldest spring technology and is currently widely used in the entry-level spring mattresses.

The Bonnell Spring System distributes your weight evenly, so there is no extra pressure on any one part of your body.

Standard Sizes

Special sizes available upon request.


36" x 72" x 6"

48" x 72" x 6"

36" x 75" x 6"

60" x 75" x 6"

72" x 75" x 6"

60" x 78" x 6"

72" x 78" x 6"

Metric (±1 cm.)

91.5 x 183 x 15

122 x 183 x 15

91.5 x 190.5 x 15

152 x 190.5 x 15

183 x 190.5 x 15

152 x 198 x 15

183 x 198 x 15


Five-year limited warranty is provided by the manufacturer through nornnorn and can be claimed only when there is the following manufacturing defect:

  • A reduction in the thickness of the mattress greater than 37mm.;

  • The length or width of the mattress is greater than 12mm. or less than 6mm. than that stated.

If any defect was found due to normal usage before the expiration date of the warranty, the mattress would be retrieved for inspection, repaired and returned free of charge.

The warranty will not be applicable in the following cases:

  • The warranty period has already expired;

  • The mattress has been bent, folded, cut or mishandled by the customer;

  • The mattress has been placed on soft or uneven surface or on a bed of the wrong size;

  • Water or any other liquid has seeped into the mattress;

  • Any heavy or unusual object has been placed on the mattress;

  • The mattress has been infested by insects and/or rodents;

  • The mattress has been exposed to heat or fire and/or smoke;

  • The outer fabric of the mattress has been soiled or torn;

  • The customer is unwilling to allow an on-site inspection by nornnorn's staff or representative.

The final decision regarding the warrantee will be made by nornnorn.

Country of Origin

Designed and assembled in India.

Manufacturer's Certifications


Shipping Information

Shipped within 14-45 days upon the signing of the subscription contract.

Shipping Cost

Depends on the quantity ordered and distance.